13 Best Dining Tables for your Dining Room and Kitchen

13 Best Dining Tables for your Dining Room and Kitchen

Your dining room table serves as a pleasant focal point for your space, allowing you and your loved ones to gather around a warm meal. However, before you buy a new piece of furniture, think about a few things to make sure you obtain the proper fit for your area, such as the height, design, and shape of your dining table.

Consider the number of people who will sit at the table regularly, as well as the available space, to help you choose the right size. When selecting a table, shape, style, durability, and quality are all crucial factors to consider.
To locate the best fit, you'll need to think about your hosting needs, space availability, and usage. We've highlighted the finest of the best dining tables in terms of style and design, as well as the qualities. 

1- Fly Table

Fly Table is a stylish, non-extending table with elegant wooden legs. The charm of this piece comes from its absolute simplicity of design, which highlights the uncommon beauty of the tops, which vary in size, shape, and material. 

Offered in four fixed sizes and various top options, it seamlessly suits a wide range of interiors and settings from dining to workspaces. It can be arranged as 3 or 4-legged.

fly dining table
There are four different ceramic and glass colors (Sahara Noir, Calacatta, Micaperla Chocolate, and Mica Dark Gray) and four different wood (Smoked Wood, Textured Mocha Wood, Textured Walnut Wood) options for Fly Table.
dining table materials
2- Terra Ceramic / Glass Table

Terra Table offers chic dining solutions for narrow spaces with its fixed version (55 inches, 67 inches, 77 inches, and 95 inches versions). Terra, which will quickly adapt to your living space with its surface alternatives, is the best choice for a pleasant dinner or a nice breakfast. Its electrostatic painted aluminum interior structure ensures durability and longevity.
terra dining table


Terra Ceramic / Glass Extendable Table

Terra Table also has an expandable version that accompanies crowded environments with its extending wooden parts being highly resistant to wear and tear, scratches, heat, and water.

There are four different ceramic and glass colors (Sahara Noir, Calacatta, Micaperla Chocolate, and Mica Dark Gray) and four different wood (Smoked Wood, Textured Mocha Wood, Textured Walnut Wood, and Carina Wood) options.

terra dining table extendable

3- Terra Extendable Wood Table

A wood dining table is a perfect choice for any household, as it combines classic elegance with long-lasting durability. With its elegant wooden legs supporting its perfect design and surface options that suit most of your living space, Terra is a stunning yet simple centerpiece for entertaining guests.

High-pressure laminate is used both for tabletop surfaces and legs.

terra extendable wood table

4- Raena Ceramic / Glass Table

Create a feature of your dining area with Raena Table. Made from 8mm of glass and 3 mm ceramic, Raena has scratch resistance, crack, and water. Also, the Hettich aluminum mechanism ensures smooth slide function.

raena dining table


Raena Ceramic / Glass Extendable Table

With its extendable option and elegant silhouette, Raena Table will be the main guest of your dinners with its adjustable features. The fixed version meets the needs of small spaces, offering a practical yet eye-catching solution.

raena dining table
5- Raena Wood Table

The exquisitely beautiful solid wood beam is not only a visual delight but also friendly to the earth. Made in wood throughout, Raena Wood Table is 100% eco-friendly.

raena dining table materials

Raena Extendable Wood Table

Saving space, or hosting unexpected guests… You can either select an expandable version of Raena Dining Table, which will be in harmony with other furniture in your living space thanks to its chic style, and use it for crowded nights with your loved ones or select the fixed version and have a practical solution for narrow and small spaces.

Raena Extendable Dining Table features a two-sided extension mechanism so you can easily create more space for food, and drinks and pull up a couple more chairs around the table when needed.

raena wood dining table
6- Pietra Ceramic / Glass Table

Pietra Table provides durability and aesthetic appearance for your dining room in combination! While allowing you to create the most pleasant compositions in your living space with its surface alternatives, it also does not compromise on its durable structure that defies the years.

Solid wood legs supported by an interior metal structure offer steadiness and a long life.

pietra dining table

Pietra Ceramic / Glass Extendable Table

Pietra Ceramic / Glass Extendable Table comes in 3 different sizes: you can either have a straightforward four, six, or eight-seater size or extendable versions of these sizes. If you have a smaller space, a four-seater dining table that extends for six people sounds like the perfect match for you.

pietra extendable dining table

7- Tondo Round Ceramic Table

Tondo Table, designed by taking eTondo is great for social soirees, catch-up coffees, and fine meals with family and friends, thanks to its round shape that facilitates conversation and fits in a variety of places. Ease of use even in small areas reflects an unusual style with its circular form and conical legs! Tondo Round Dining Table has different surface alternatives which support the perfect balance in your living space with your chairs.

The top table surface is high-pressure laminate - highly resistant to wear and tear, scratches, heat, and water while laminated particle boards and 10mm / 0.039’’ metal plates are used on the top and the legs of the dining table.


tondo round table


8- Tondo Round Wood Table

A complete wood dining table is the pinnacle of refinement and quality. Tondo Round Wood Table offers a friendly place to dine with friends and family.

Tondo is an attractive choice for delivering big style to smaller spaces – providing space for up to 4 to dine comfortably. It's a mixture of circular and angular forms.


9- Tilia 3-Legged Round Table

The round shape that makes conversation easy and works in a range of spaces, Tondo is ideal for social soirees, catch-up coffees as well as fine dining with family and friends. Its 3 legs take up less space, leaving you a larger room to sit.

Tilia is designed for modern living spaces with both elegant and durable metal legs. Thanks to its different size options, you can select the most suitable alternative for your living space or -dining room- and you can either prefer its circular version for narrow spaces or the rectangle version for wide and spacious areas.


tilia materials dining table
10- Tilia Rectangle Table

Ready to add a stunning center point to any dining space, Tilla Rectangle Table offers easy maintenance with its tempered safety glass, which is 5 times more resistant than normal glass, as well as being hypoallergenic.

Tilia Rectangle Table also has wooden top options so that you can match the dining table with the rest of your furniture perfectly.

tilia rectengle table
11- Mons Round Table

Mons Table will be the star of your home with its aesthetic stand. Mons is up for being one of the most unique pieces of your dining room with its round top, rising on top of a conical, faceted metal base.

Mons will bring an enchanting twist to your style with its luxe details. In addition to its wooden, ceramic, and glass surface options it is also available in different diameters (39 inches, 46 inches, 54 inches, 62 inches)

Legs are made of electrostatically painted metal, and the top is high-pressure laminate or tempered safety glass depending on your wood or glass selection. For the glass surface, Digital UV printing technology uses organic inks and employs ultraviolet light to cure (dry) the ink. The leg is made with bent metal and interior joinery providing a metallic strength while looking like made out of glass strips.

mons round table
12- Point Table

Point Dining Table, which owes its natural appearance to the wooden texture that adds warmth to the ambiance, brings plainness to its environment.

Walnut wood top combined with Matte Anthracite lacquer legs, Point Table brings a modern contrast touch to your living space.

The surface is scratch and water-resistant and carries the same characteristic, painted and stained solid wood but it’s 50% lighter, 5 times more durable, and 100% eco-friendly.

point dining table
13- Kapet Extendable Table

Last but not least, from Lazzoni’s outdoor collection, the Kapet table accompanies your pleasant summer days while offering comfort with its adjustable features like an expandable table top. It's time to bring your loved ones together at an appetizing and elegant dining table.

With its various tabletop options, Kapet brings a sense of fulfillment to your outdoor space. Don’t forget the matching dining chairs!

What differentiates Lazzoni’s outdoor collection from the rest is that they are all made of chestnut wood. In the furniture market, you won’t be able to find many -if not any- pieces made with chestnut wood. The reason behind this is simple: it’s an expensive material. Well, our secret lies in our roots. Thanks to our Blacksea Laz tribe roots, you can say we’re drowning in chestnut wood.

point table
Features timeless pieces from simple and sleek tables to extendable dining tables... Lazzoni has the perfect piece for any occasion, whether it's a simple meal, an exquisite dinner, or a small meeting.

With clever design, durable top materials like treated wood, ceramic, and glass along with adjustable features, our dining tables will accompany you from early breakfast to late-night deskwork.