We produce quality products with EPA-certified particle boards , in compliance with TSCA VI formaldehyde regulations.
ISO 9001: 2015 Bureau Veritas

Lazzoni performs all of its operations through an effective and reliable quality management system while offering its products and services to its customers. This system is certified by Bureau Veritas (BV), an internationally accredited organization. 
ISO 10002: 2014 Bureau Veritas

Lazzoni has always put its customer in the center and established an effective management system, based on 100% customer satisfaction, which is certified by Bureau Veritas (BV), an internationally accredited organization. 
ISO 27001: 2013 BBS

Lazzoni has established an effective management system to keep its corporate and personal data properly and securely and this management system is certified by BBS, an internationally accredited organization.

Lazzoni is a global brand, officially registered and recognized by World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) worldwide.
Lean Six Sigma

Lazzoni has implemented worldwide accepted Lean 6 Sigma management methodology in order to minimize errors arising out of its manufacturing processes, to increase productivity and to maximize customer satisfaction.

Prioritizing the environmental awareness, Lazzoni pays attention to proper and legal use of forest resources and therefore it works with suppliers, certified by FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) of Germany.

Lazzoni uses FR certified panels, classified as fire resistant and fire retardant in accordance with European standards, in UK. 

Lazzoni uses water-based, certified paints, which are proven as non-carcinogenic and environment and human health friendly, produced by ICRO Coatings, Italy, in its products.  

Businesses with this certificate are organizations that have certified that the chemicals (formaldehyde) in their panels are harmless to human health, on the scale of European standards.

Lazzoni prioritizes the safety of life and property of its customers and aims to guarantee that all of its finished/ semi-finished products are manufactured in accordance with the directives of European Union and works with eligible suppliers for this purpose.

Lazzoni pays attention to human health and, for this purpose, it uses products with CARB2 (California Air Resources Board Phase 2) certificate, showing that formaldehyde emission level of wooden boards is at the minimum level.

Lazzoni Furniture, one of Turkey's international brands, was included in the turquality program by the Ministry of Trade.