Best sofas for living room 2022

15 Best Sofas for your Living Room

What’s better than lying on your sofa after an exhausting day? Especially when you have the comfiest ones.

Choosing the right furniture for your living space is no joke. Whether it’s a smaller loveseat or a modern modular sofa, it takes hours of walking from this store to that one, trying to decide on the perfect one for your living room. You want it to be comfy but look classy and be functional at the same time. And what’s more, the design and the style should match the rest of the room AND size should be just right to fit into the perfect spot. It may sound hopeless but, hey, don’t worry! We understand you and are here to lessen your pain.

We rounded up our most popular modular and corner sofas that can be customized in both size and design -from fabric to other gears- as your liking. Here are the 15 best sofas that will fly you high but keep your feet on the ground.


1- Mony Sofa

Mony Sofa


One of our most popular extendable sofas, Mony sofa can become a lounger or a full-size sofa bed in seconds. The unique design, featuring moveable headrests and armrests allows for ultimate relaxation. The armrests adjust in height and width, which is great for both typing on a laptop, using it as a side-table or creating more sleeping space. 

Best features:

  • Modular design: Available in 30 modules

  • A corner sofa with no corners: Whichever spot you sit, each module offers the same comfort and has the same spatial lighter look

  • Multi-functional: Moveable headrests and armrests

  • Contemporary design

  • Customizable size and fabric

  • Elevated off the ground for iRobot 


2- Milda Sofa

Milda Sofa


Extend the seat, the headrest, or both! Milda Sofa is the most comfortable sofa you'll ever own offering comfortable head and neck support by utilizing adjustable backrests cushions with manual mechanisms. 

Best features:

  • Adjustable headrest: can be unfolded to provide full head and neck support while creating more depth 

  • Creates spacious look

  • Robotic vacuum friendly

  • Individually extendable modular sofa

  • Customizable size and fabric


3- Gola Sofa

Gola Sofa


The perfect mix of modernism and traditional living. Gola sofa is fully modular and can be designed as a loveseat, three-seater, corner sofa, or L chaise depending on the size of the living space and lifestyle.

Best features:

  • Fully modular

  • Seat back: creates a more natural way of sitting and relaxing

  • Moon corner option: a moon-shape module that can become a seat or even a coffee table

  • Solid Birch wooden legs

  • Customizable size and fabric


4- Met Sofa

Met Sofa


A combination of modular structure and comfortable seating, Met Sofa offers the option to add a chaise lounge and sleeper sofa that extends approximately 8”. Utilizing a mechanism created exclusively for Lazzoni, Met is perfect for unwinding after a busy day as a lounger or having guests stay the night. Besides having a boxy and cubical form, Met has a low structure and sits on the ground. 

Best features:

  • Modular design: Available in 27 modules 

  • Extendable seat

  • Adjustable headrest at six levels

  • Customizable size and fabrics

  • A corner sofa for relaxation


5- Ikon Sofa

Ikon Sofa


Visually tranquil with narrow and cushioned arms and backs to maximize the seating area, the Ikon collection is perfectly crafted for comfort while maximizing seating space even for corner modules.

Ikon offers a monochromatic or contrasting look, by being able to customize the shell upholstery and the interior upholstery differently. 

Best features:

  • Simple design 

  • Maximized seating area

  • Variety of fabric options

  • Customizable size and fabric

  • Two color body option shell and interior 


6- Mix Sofa

Mix Sofa


Combination of perfectionist lines and elegant craftsmanship, Mix Sofa steps forward with its multipurpose bolsters: rest your head or use it to create a more reclining position. You can also customize the backrest cushions of Mix Sofa, either with space in-between or no space. 

Best features:

  • Modular design: Available in 29 modules usually in-stock in the United States 

  • Multi-functional bolsters: act as extra support for comfort, lumbar support or creates the perfect angle to lie-down

  • Clean and modern lines

  • No sagging on seats: superior high-density seating grade foam 

  • Customizable size and fabric

  • An elevated corner sofa: Robotic cleaning under 

  • Moon corner option 


7- Handy Sofa

Handy Sofa


A smart design that can perform several functions with its dynamic back and armrest modules with extra soft seat cushions… What more could one ask for? Handy meets all requirements with its functionality and shines out as the most flexible sofa, making the best of its name. 

  • Durable internal mechanism

  • Adjustable back module: offers a wider seat depth

  • Portable armrests 

  • Effortless modification

  • Extra soft seating


8- Panna Sofa

Panna Sofa


Ergonomic curves and clean lines make Panna the perfect host for busy gatherings. The dynamic mechanism of the backrests introduces a deeper seating option that can also be made into a bed. From a loveseat sofa to a sectional sofa with an integrated coffee table, Panna offers you countless variations to choose from.

Best features:

  • Transforms into a lounger

  • Elegant design with tailored seams

  • Dynamic back cushion and armrest

  • Adjustable seating*


9- Duman Sofa

Duman Sofa


The Duman Sofa’s combination of modular structure and comfortable seating is tied with a floating look for the ultimate modern appeal. The design creates an ideal sofa for both day-to-day life and inviting space when guests are over.

Made for comfort, the adjustable headrest has six levels and performs as strong head, and neck support while the curved backrest conforms to the natural curvature of the spine. 

Best features:

  • Classy look

  • Headrest adjustable to six levels

  • Curved backrest to conform the spine

  • Modular options: from loveseat sofa to integrated corner sofa 


10- Vetro Sofa

Vetro Sofa


Designed for those who are always on the lookout for comfort, Vetro Modular Sofa Beds are made for city living to provide extra space in your busy daily life.

Vetro's smart design features a sturdy frame, light yet efficient padding, and high-quality upholstery. Convert your comfy sofa to a big bed in seconds with Lazzoni's practical mechanism. Combine the modules to make it fit any space or need.

Best features:

  • Wide seating

  • Clean lines

  • Sophisticated appearance

  • Made to order as your needs


11- Dante Loveseat Sofa 

Dante Loveseat Sofa


By shining out with its handy structure for narrow and small areas, Dante Sofa brings a new direction to your living areas with its structure that allows practical adjustments!

Best features:

  • Can turn into a bed in seconds

  • Useful for smaller spaces

  • First class fabrics

  • Single or loveseat sofa options*


12- Kema Sofa

Kema Sofa


Gain freedom in your living space! Kema Sofa functions as an all rounder with its practical  features. One of the best for smaller spaces. Kema Sofa can make your living space look more spacious and provide you with a storage space as well.

Best features: 

  • Easily convertible to a bed 

  • A storage area under the seat

  • Free-standing armrest

  • Mechanism manufactured exclusively for Lazzoni

  • Wide seating


13- Modern Chester

Modern Chester


A new take on the classic Chesterfield, Lazzoni's Modern Chester strikes the eye at first glance with its contemporary look. Modern Chester Sofas, too, can be designed to fit in your space and taste, just as many other sofas of Lazzoni.

Best features:

  • Solid, hand-carved wood legs 

  • Rounded and soft structure

  • Clean lines and luxuriously hand-tufted back and seat


14- Biblio Sofa

Biblio Sofa


Biblio is a stylish contemporary sleeper sofa with a set-up that only requires one person and a few seconds. 

Best features:

  • A storage area under the seat

  • Loveseat, three seater or corner sofa options

  • Modular design made to fit in any space

  • Lightly padded and finely upholstered frame* 


15- Bikom Sofa

Bikom Sofa


Lazzoni's classic design, the Bikom modular sofa collection, is a refined European interpretation of a classic design.

Best features:

  • Elegant lines with sink-in comfort and effortless luxury

  • A low profile and comfortable seats

  • Modular and sectional options* 


Comfort, luxury, durability, functionality… All of Lazzoni sofas are designed and manufactured with the highest quality.

Besides numerous standard sizes, we offer fully custom alternatives. Either it’s a couch, corner sofa or chaise lounge, with our modularity, all sofas can be made to order fitting exactly for your space and needs.

You can lounge solo on your corner chaise lounge after a busy day, or gather friends for a movie night on your spacious corner sofa. The rest is up to you…