15 Best TV Units for your Living Room

15 Best TV Units for your Living Room

In living rooms across the world, it is the TV that is the focal point around which the rest of the room revolves, serving multiple purposes, giving you a space to display your television, arrange your cable and streaming equipment, store books, and exhibit decorative items… With a broad selection of storage TV units, TV Wall Units with storage and smartly designed TV stands, you can create the perfect media center.

From a simple, low shelf in the living room that can hold much more than the TV to modular wall units that can adapt to your varying needs, your choice here is dictated by your living room size, style and color scheme.

The perfect stand for you will also depend on your TV's and room's size and your decor. Discover more about Lazzoni’s exclusive modern TV Units, a curated selection of mainly modern furniture in neutral colors. 

With that in mind, we have uncovered 15 stylish, versatile and elegant living room TV units that range from the simple to those that offer everything your high-end entertainment hub needs.

1- TV Unit 20

The modern touch that your living room needs… With open and closed bookcase sections and closed lower comportments, TV Unit 20 offers you a chic and organized look.

This TV stand is the latest addition to Lazzoni’s TV collection.
The marble pattern used in the backboard adds luxurious and elevated look while reflected doors add depth to the space.

TV Unit 20


2- TV Unit 21

 TV Unit 21 is a great way to upgrade your space and tap into whatever aesthetic you’re working with. Display your favorite modern decor on the open shelves or store all your trinkets in the drawers for a clutter-free living room.

TV unit 21


3- TV Unit 6 - Mirror

If you are looking for a TV Unit that is more contemporary, TV Unit 6 - Mirror is just what you are looking for. 

TV Unit 6 - Mirror has a Boxy design consisting of 2 lower and 4 upper compartments. You can store the items that you don’t want to be seen around, use it as a bookshelf, place your streaming devices and more… Upper compartments can be designed as open, half open or/and closed as your taste.
Mirrored door adds depth to the space while adding a shinny bright touch..

tv unit 6


4- TV Unit 4 - Barcode

Named after its striped look, TV Unit 4 - Barcode differentiates itself from the other TV stands with its on-the-ground compartment. 
This generic TV stand is far from boring. It features high-pressure laminate and large storage area to hold all of your entertainment essentials.

TV unit 4 barkod


5- TV Unit 3 - Plus

This beautiful TV stand will quickly become the star of the show with its beautiful geometric shapes and high-pressure laminate finish that is highly resistant to wear and tear, scratches, heat, and water which gives you extra stability and sturdiness without sacrificing style.

tv unit 3 plus


6- TV Unit 2

Space is not a luxury that many of us can afford to spare and we tend to swap the expansive for the ergonomic. In the small living space, a dashing TV unit coupled with cabinets and shelves can make a big difference.
TV Unit 2 features three floating shelves for home decor and closed cabinets to stow away a cable box, games and more. Clean floating shelves with LED lights creates a minimal yet elegant look.

tv unit 2


7- TV Unit 18

Featuring sleek lines, compartments in different sizes and plenty of space to store all of your living room essentials, TV Unit 18 has everything you need, especially if you have a spacious room. Designed for larger spaces, this TV unit also serves as a storage and bookcase. 
Combine this expansive unit with a matching coffee table, couch and a few chairs and you have a functional, elegant living space that is organized as well.

tv unit 18


8- TV Unit 1 - Linear

Would look great in any space! If you want something to help keep everything organized and safely store your electronics, but you still want it to look nice, TV Unit 1 - Linear has what it takes.

tv unit linear


9- TV Unit 19

TV Unit 19 is a contemporary TV stand that offers much more than a simple pedestal for your brand new plasma or LED TV. It became a part of the living room narrative both in terms of style and ergonomics.
What distinguishes this TV stand from the others is that it has a built-in table that you can also use as an office table. A smart TV unit with matching shelves and cabinets can instantly become the showstopper of the living space; a feature that turns heads and draws instant attention. It can cover your wall all the way through.

tv unit 19


10- TV Unit 17

Roomy shelves with a prominent design… This modern TV unit does a whole lot more than just offer space for your television. It is a complete and versatile unit that also brings along with it a series of open shelves, closed cabinets, horizontal shelves and custom storage options. All of these combine to turn that living room wall into a fabulous focal point around which the rest of the room starts to take shape. 

tv unit 17


11- TV Unit 16

With its boxy look and design, TV Unit 16 is a sleek TV cabinet in the living room that is an ideal fit for the contemporary living room where there is no room for excesses. It is easy to incorporate in most existing living spaces and takes up very little square footage thanks to its innately space-savvy design. 
This stand has an enclosed cabinet with glass doors, as well as an open shelving area, and it’s built from a combination of solid and manufactured wood, making it extremely durable. It even comes in several finishes, allowing you to pick one that perfectly matches your decor.

tv unit 16


12- TV Unit 7

With its sturdy, attractive, and functional design, TV Unit 7 is not oversized, but it's roomy with modern shelving, features space for your decors, and is available in more than a several different finishes.

tv unit 7


13- TV Unit 8

Wooden decor is unquestionably a popular choice for both homeowners and designers. TV Unit 8 adds visual and textural contrast without changing the modern living room's color palette. It gives a sleek, metropolitan atmosphere with straight lines and clean design.

tv unit 8


14- TV Unit 9

 It has a slack, minimal design with doors on each of the cabinets to obscure your devices. The center shelf is exposed so you can keep your best looking consoles or a basket in there if you want to get fancy about it.  

tv unit 9


15- TV Unit 10

This unit has a cool contemporary appearance with plenty of compartments. TV Unit 10 comes in three different finishes to match your style. The TV module and the surface of the cover are high-pressure laminate - highly resistant to wear and tear, scratches, heat, and water and also its 100% eco friendly.

tv unit 10


Lazzoni modular TV Units are easy to combine as you wish and can be designed according to your needs. Either as a smaller console or TV wall unit for your living room, all TV units have color and texture options suitable for your decoration and add a stylish touch to your home.