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A Chic Project in Historical Site of Galata by Lazzoni and We’re Architecture!

A Chic Project in Historical Site of Galata by Lazzoni and We’re Architecture!

A Chic Project in Historical Site of Galata by Lazzoni and We’re Architecture!


Galata Apartment, located in Pera, one of the historical sites of the city, was designed by using Lazzoni products.



We’re Architecture completed an apartment project, composed of 3 flats, in Galata region, the site that reflects the historical texture of Istanbul with its first-degree historical structures. While the façade of the structure was designed in harmony with the historical texture and in a unique approach, the interior and furnitures were designed in a modern and minimalist way.



All 1+1 flats were designed with same products and by following the same approach. A calm, modern and plain design was intended in all interior areas of the structure in order to create surfaces and volumes allowing maximum functionality. The interior design, dominated by two different colours, was shaped by this approach.



The fact that the structure is located on an alley and therefore it receives daylight in a restricted amount was the most important factor to be considered when designing both façade and interior sections. Anthracite and gray shades, used predominantly in the living space, were also continued to be used when selecting the fabric and materials of Bikom Sofa and Alone Armchair.



When selecting the products, it was aimed to present the limited space as comfortable as possible. The coffee table used between Bikom Sofas was included to the design in order provide ease of use within the living space. The texture of Amada, which was selected as the central coffee table, was preferred to be ceramic in order to break the uniform colour flow within the flat. Since it was composed of two coffee tables, one small and one big, intertwined with each other, this design provided an extra space within the living area.



Hexa Bed, used within the bedroom, provided the storage area needed by 1+1 flats, thanks to its storage bed. This special product, which attracts attention with its chic headboard, was continued in maroon colour and its shades and its was intended to add a colour to the bedroom.



Project Manager

Hakan Çap & Meltem Özhan – Lazzoni İstinye Park Store

Products Used in the Project

Bikom Soffa – Amada Coffee Table – Alone Armchair – Cubo Ottoman – Hexa Bed