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Another Lazzoni Project in Doha, the capital city of Qatar!

Another Lazzoni Project in Doha, the capital city of Qatar!

Another Lazzoni Project in Doha, the capital city of Qatar!


The model apartment of Alfardan Towers, known as the best residence and commercial real estate of Doha, the capital city of Qatar, was designed by using the products of Lazzoni.

Alfardan Towers, composed of 40 floors twin towers serving as residence and commercial real estate in West Bay region of Doha, which is known as the symbol of luxury and excellence, is offering various services at the same time ranging from a popular gourmet restaurant to world-class brands.



The model apartment of Alfardan Towers, the project of which was supported by superiod design power of Lazzoni, was prepared by our expert project department.


Particular importance was given to “maximum comfort” in all products, preferred for the model apartment project, which was prepared to design both a comfortable and stylish living space. Mony Corner, which was preferred for the living room, and accompanying Relax Armchair are the most important products serving for this purpose.



Spacious and wide living space allowed to use dining table and console within the living room. Raena Table, which can be extended, and Armada and Slim Chairs were preferred for crowded guests. Thanks to Tena Mirror, placed on Ocean Console that provides maximum functionality with its deep storage area, added depth and interest to the living room.



Guests are welcomed by Paura Console and Balloon Mirror at the entrance of apartment. While adding a chic and elegant appearance to the entrance of the apartment, these special products do also offer different ways of use to our customers with their functional storage areas.



Istanbul Bed, which adds a different touch to its ambiance with geometrical shapes on its headboard, was used in the bedroom. This product was chosen since it offers a storage area and it has ambiance lights on its headboard and Alone Armchair and Ria Coffee Table, placed next to the bed created a small corner for chatting and resting.



It was also aimed to provide a functional area to our customers with 240 cm. long dresser / make-up table, which was produced exclusively for the project.

This special product does not only welcome our customers to the bedroom with a hotel-style design, but does also meet cloth storage needs with its wide area of use and functionality. It can also be used as a make-up table or a desk.



Project Manager: Yaşar Arslan

Products Used in the Project:

Mony Sofa – Relax Armchair – Amber Central Coffee Table – Raena Table – Armada Chair – Slim Chair – Ocean Console – Tena Mirror – Balloon Mirror – Paura Console – İstanbul Bed – Alone Armchair – Ria Coffee Table – Ocean Nightstand