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Another Project from Lazzoni for American Copper Building!

Another Project from Lazzoni for American Copper Building!

Another Project from Lazzoni for American Copper Building!


In the center of Manhattan, next to Empire State…

The luxurious residence in American Copper Building, one of the remarkable buildings of New York, even the United States, is designed with Lazzoni products!

Though it is a standard size apartment for New York, 2+1 model apartment in American Copper Building, which differentiates from others with its scenery, is designed by expert project managers of Lazzoni Madison store. It is intended to keep plainness and functionality at the highest level during the designing phase.

Metallic colors and masculine stance that govern overall structure of the building are maintained also within the model apartment with products and fabric colors chosen.



Mony Sofa, armrests and back cushions of which can be unfolded to a bed, is preferred for the living room in order to keep functionality at the highest level



Terra Table, located behind to the sofa, is positioned next to the window in order to accompany the breathtaking New York scenery during dinners.



Istanbul Bed, which is one of the most preferred products with its chic style and wide storage area, is used in the bedroom of this luxurious residence, the third apartment designed in American Copper Building with Lazzoni products. Ottomans and pillows in various tones of yellow and a light blue colored painting are used in the bedroom, which completely catches morning sun, and it is aimed to keep this brightness throughout the day.



Project Manager: Hasan Basri Bıçakçı – Lazzoni Madison Store

Products Used in the Project:

Mony Sofa – Ada Armchair – Relax Armchair – Terra Dining Table – Rocco Coffee Table – Ria Side Table – Aria Chair – Istanbul Bed – Sofia Make-up Table – Pietra Sideboard