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Decorating Your Home with Pantone’s Color of the Year: Ultimate Gray

Decorating Your Home with Pantone’s Color of the Year: Ultimate Gray

Decorating Your Home with Pantone’s Color of the Year: Ultimate Gray


We love Pantone's color of the year, "Ultimate Gray" 17-5104 paired with "Illuminating" 13-0647, a muted, cheerful yellow. We see this combination working well in a variety of spaces, both formal and casual, from living rooms to boudoirs. Design our Mony Sofa in a yellow, textured fabric to contrast walls, rugs and window treatments in varying shades of gray, including Ultimate Gray. Pair it with our sleek rotating Tolina 360 Armchair in a complimentary yellow. These few changes can transform any room and make it appear fresh and new.



While we're certainly fans of Ultimate Gray, don't be afraid to pair this medium gray with lighter and darker hues. And, don't forget to play with texture. Consider our Mony Sofa in a soft, light gray leather or a rich dark gray velvet. These are just two of the many fabrics we have at our factory, that can be applied to any of our sofas, chairs or beds, so don't hold back!


We have lots of gray and yellow fabrics from which to choose. One of our best materials for both looks and durability is our microfiber fabric. It has the look of velvet without being delicate and fragile. This lush material comes in seven colors, including gray and yellow.



Yellow is also a fun choice for upholstering modern furniture, like our Tolina 360 Armchair, as well as dining chairs or ottomans. If your home is calling for an eye-catching change, try using yellow fabric on our contemporary Mony Sofa, perhaps with contrasting gray piping for added interest.



Non-upholstered furniture can also be used with this palette. Consider a deep gray, lacquered sideboard like Neva for your dining or living room or a similarly-colored armoire for your bedroom.



For accessories, what about adding a few mirrors to pick up and reflect the sunny yellow hues? Or, maybe add a few bright accessories like a yellow ceramic lamp or a glass vase filled with sunflowers.



This past year has been a challenge for most people. Think of this new color palette as a fresh canvas for your new beginning in 2021.

To learn more about home decorating tips using gray and yellow, contact Lazzoni Design Service today.


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