Design Ideas For Small Spaces

Design Ideas For Small Spaces

Design Ideas For Small Spaces

Along with the globalizing world, the exciting and vibrant city has its own set of cons for people living in big cities, houses about the size of a closet. That’s why we have to learn how to design spaces that can still be elegant, creative, and functional! From micro studios to attic rooms and single-bedroom apartments, there are several ways to get the most out of your available space. We put together a few points on how you can design your environment to make your space feel like a mansion, not a dorm room. Enjoy!

Even if your entire house is 15 sq ft, dividing the room can be a good idea which allows you to the space for different areas. For example, if you can’t put your couch and bed separately, you can create a corner set where you can lie down and sleep by placing your sofa at the foot of your bed. A little secret, we also design partitions to create areas for your space. These tricks don’t just apply to living rooms but also kitchens and foyers. By keeping your desk and chair close to the kitchen, you can easily handle the cleaning and increase its functionality to provide a suitable working environment when you have to work from home. The tables can be made of wood or lacquer, and are easy to clean thanks to their durable surface, the dining table can be easily transformed into a desk to accompany your tasks. Since small rooms can easily be dispersed, having a coat hanger next to the door can prevent the pile of clothing in your bedroom that may build up in the blink of an eye. Even if your house is small, determining the function of certain areas will make it feel more like home.

Buying furniture that has multiple functions is another important factor in getting maximum efficiency from your space. We have many products with various uses and functions such as the multi-function tables mentioned before. While the majority of our beds are produced as Queen or King-sized, we also carry single or twin sizes. And the best part is, underneath these beds, there are storage areas that you can use in even the smallest of spaces! The storage bed size also varies depending on the mattress, but there’s always plenty of room for you to fit your seasonal clothes and shoes, luggage, extra blankets, pillows, or anything else you can think of. Some beds also have integrated lighting for eye comfort while working in bed and reading for pleasure. What better way to make a bed that offers extra storage and also creates a whole new atmosphere in your room? (Hexa, Istanbul, Tuta, and Double beds are our all-time favorites!)



When we talk about beds, we have the perfect solution for micro spaces, which are becoming increasingly popular: Langoni Bed is our exclusive Murphy bed. A special design that combines a bed, a wall unit, and a sofa, allowing you to lie down and have a storage space where you can put away anything you want, from clothes to books.

If there’s more room to make changes to it, whether it’s a large studio, a one-bedroom apartment, or a two-bedroom house, sofas are a smart (and stylish) way to add new space and functionality to your home. Our seater models come in various styles, including compact models like Kema and Vetro. The additional feature of the Vetro sofa has an extra storage unit. For smaller rooms, our sofas with removable arms will make the smallest areas functional, while providing enough space for you to sleep and lie down. Our Budka and Vetro sofas provide spacious sleeping areas for larger rooms. When it comes to a chic and modern couch that can be used as a bed, one of our most popular models, the Mony sofa, is a trend essential! Mony can double its length and width with adjustable back and armrests. You had better prepare for the guests who will often come to your house!

Another fantastic functional companion we have is the Stone Dresser and Sophia Makeup Table! There are so many options from a single dresser or single-legged make-up table in which you can divide the upper table of the vanity table into two dressers for areas with wider walls. And don’t be misled by the name of the make-up table! It is often used as a vanity table but it can also be used as a desk thanks to its flat surface and hidden storage area. This combination will be your ideal partner for any living space, big or small.


Now for the big picture: your color palette! We recommend a lighter color scheme to create a spacious and uncrowded look in your room. Dark tones make rooms look smaller to the eye, so using lighter, simpler shades (and try to stick to the main three tones), you can make your space appear larger than it is. Of course, that doesn't mean you can't use color bursts! We only suggest that you do it in small amounts. For example, when you are designing your bed with a beige or walnut headboard, you can choose from a gray or cream sofa, and the additional parts (dresser, nightstand, and coffee table), with an open wood or lacquer suitable for it. Continue your decoration with soft tones after placing the main parts, and you can add a lamp, pillow, or blanket in dark or enclosed tones.

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