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First Residential Project in NYC from Zaha Hadid

First Residential Project in NYC from Zaha Hadid

First Residential Project in NYC from Zaha Hadid


Zaha Hadid had been redefining the world’s view on architecture by giving it a fresh and visionary edge as the “Queen of the curve”, who “liberated architectural geometry, giving it a whole new expressive identity.”

Zaha Hadid definitely knew how to transform concrete, steel and glass into something almost ethereal, so that each project would give the irresistible impression of fluidity and connectivity.



520 W 28th is very iconic of Zaha Hadid's signature style. The design of the building is characterized by graceful curves that draw inspiration from nature. The facade of the building, with its rounded windows, is a contrast to the hard angles that typically dominate residential real estate. 

At 520 West 28th, Hadid has created a seamless and optimistic vision of the future through custom interior details, thoughtful integration of indoor and outdoor space, and technological innovation.

The outside character of the building is consistently reflected on the inside which offers a collection of loft-like residences overlooking the famed High Line park in Manhattan’s West Chelsea neighborhood.



Jennifer Post Completes Hadid’s vision


The interior Post created employs both her and Hadid’s style, and apart from being visionary is also homely and functional. Model recidence of Zaha Hadid’s housing project in New York consisting of 39 uniquely different apartments is designed with Lazzoni products by Jennifer Post who is considered as one of the best 50 interior architects.