How To Organize Your Wardrobe? 5 Wardrobe Hacks

How To Organize Your Wardrobe? 5 Wardrobe Hacks

How To Organize Your Wardrobe? 5 Wardrobe Hacks 

It's physically and mentally unhealthy to keep your wardrobe filled to the gills. A messy wardrobe lowers your mood and makes it harder to find clothes while keeping a space clean and organized is more likely to result in healthy choices, including eating better and exercise. 

Also, an organized closet makes finding clothes quicker and keeps them looking good longer. Here are some tips on how to organize your closet.

Spring Clean

    Putting away the items that won't be used for a few months is the first half of the battle. While you're purging, it's crucial to put your seasonal clothing in some sort of context. You certainly don't want to wear any more jeans or sweaters right now, but when fall rolls around, you might want to reconsider some of them because they might seem fresh and exciting. The same goes for your summer wardrobe; since it's been so long since we've seen them, everything undoubtedly appears exciting and wearable again, so keep your wits about you and consider what you'll actually be able to wear. 

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    Stock Your Shoes In The Wardrobe 

      When it comes to organizing your wardrobe, you've probably mastered how to neatly fold, store, and arrange your clothes, but the shoes present a completely different struggle.

      The arrangement of the shoes can allow more to fit without being crowded. Either it's a custom wardrobe or a sliding wardrobe, you can arrange your shoes as per category, such as pumps, boots, sneakers, sandals, etc. To save even more room, you can store your shoes from the heel to the toe.

      Categorize Your Clothes

      Organize your wardrobe by kind of clothing, occasion, and length. For instance, all shirts go together, but business shirts are separated from dressy going-out shirts from casual shirts. Sort the shirts into each of the categories based on how long their sleeves are. To make mixing and matching easier, group items by color.

      To Hang or Fold?

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      If you want your wardrobe to last longer, you must know which clothes to hang and which to fold. You should fold the clothes with thicker fabric like shorts, knit sweaters and sportswear while clothes made of linen or soft fabrics should always be hung including dresses, pants, blouses. You can either hang or fold your shirts and jeans.

      We can sum it up by saying that you should hang the formal attire and lightweight fabrics and fold the bulky garments and casual attire.

      Don’t Get Attached To Your Clothes

      You must learn to let go of the clothes you will never wear, such as the jeans you keep telling yourself you'll fit into one day or the skirt you will never wear but which makes you remember your first year of college. Professional organizer Jill Pollack says, if you haven't worn your clothes in more than a year and your weight and lifestyle have largely remained stable, just pass on it to a charity organization.

      It’s important to be aware of your space and have a wardrobe accordingly. You can choose one among a fitted wardrobe, sliding wardrobe, open wardrobe, walk-in closet or custom wardrobe systems. 


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