Lazzoni News: Press Releases

Lazzoni News: Press Releases

Lazzoni got featured on renowned design magazines including Elle Decor, Luxe Magazine and Interior Design magazine. Featured news include Sofia vanity table, Radi recliner and Costa Mesa store opening. The brand’s aesthetic is inspired by the unique characteristics of each material used. The result gives each piece its own unique identity while maintaining an elegant simplicity that allows it to fit seamlessly into any home decor style or space. Lazzoni has built a reputation for design excellence through its commitment to quality materials, attention to detail and craftsmanship. The goal is to create unique pieces that will stand out as an investment piece for your home or office.

Sofia Vanity Table

This gorgeous vanity table has been featured on Elle Decor. It is inspired by Italian modernism, the vanity table forms a sleek silhouette with clean lines which makes it perfect for bedroom, bathroom or any other space with endless customization options.


Radi Recliner

The Radi Recliner is inspired by mid-century furniture design that is characterized by clean lines, no fuss details, simple silhouettes and bold colours or patterns that make it stand out from other pieces of furniture around it. The Radi recliner offers 200+ fabric and leather options while creating a unique recliner with swivel feature.

Costa Mesa Showroom

Located in the design center of Costa Mesa, the store offers friendly faces like the sunny days of California, making sure you get exactly what you imagine with one of the best modern furniture stores in SoCal. Offering free design service just like any other Lazzoni location, Costa Mesa makes sure you get to design your space like any other well-known Californian designer. 
Lazzoni continues to grow with its now-renowned vision of a modern furniture store with new store openings after its 10 year success in NYC. Latest showrooms include Costa Mesa and London with many more next in line.