Lazzoni's Cutting-Edge AR Design Service

Lazzoni's Cutting-Edge AR Design Service

At Lazzoni, we're on a mission to transform the New York real estate landscape. We're not just a furniture brand with 10 prime locations across the United States; we're pioneering an innovative design service that combines technology and luxury like never before.

Augmented Reality (AR) Glasses: The Game Changer

Imagine empty real estate spaces coming to life as fully furnished, beautifully decorated homes. This is precisely what Lazzoni's AR design service does. Realtors provide measurements, and our team takes the reins, creating virtual, furnished spaces with our exquisite products.


Empowering Realtors

Our service empowers real estate professionals to offer potential buyers an extraordinary experience. With AR glasses, customers can explore properties as if they were already their own. It's a game-changer, making it easier for them to envision their future dream home.

Elevating Property Quotes and Customer Satisfaction

Our approach not only enhances property appeal but also commands higher quotes. Customers develop a deeper emotional connection to a house they can see as a finished product.

Our Unique Strength

Lazzoni's extensive range of high-quality products and strategic store locations make us the natural choice for real estate professionals.

Welcome to the Future of Real Estate

Lazzoni's AR design service is more than a service; it's a vision of the future. It's about creating a dynamic, immersive real estate experience. We're not just selling properties; we're selling dreams and changing how real estate is perceived and experienced. Welcome to the Lazzoni revolution in New York real estate.