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Model Apartment Of Kent Houses, Are Designed With Lazzoni Products!

Model Apartment Of Kent Houses, Are Designed With Lazzoni Products!

Model Apartment Of Kent Houses, Are Designed With Lazzoni Products!


4+1 and 2+1 model apartments of Kent Incek Houses, which attracted a lot of attention in recent days with luxurious residences, new shopping centers and exclusive projects, are designed by using Lazzoni products.

Composed of 7 blocks in total covering an area of 54,000 m2, Kent Incek Houses promise a brand new city within the city itself. Positioning the sport in the center of your life with basketball courts, tennis courts, sports center and indoor swimming pools, Kent Incek is also distinguished from other similar projects with its landscaping that covers lots of green fields.



Model apartment projects, which are designed jointly by experienced project managers of our Lazzoni Panora store and designers of Kent Incek Project, are now ready for visits.

4+1 Model Apartment Of Kent Incek Houses

Otto Sofa and Castello Sofa are used to create a comfortable and chic area in the model apartment that is opened to a wide and spacious living room.



The wide plan of living room allowed the dining group to be included to this area.



Tondo Table is placed just in front of glass wall of the kitchen for convenience during daily use and Mix Sofa, one of the prominent products of Lazzoni with its comfortable sitting area is preferred to help you relieve your tiredness of the day in the winter garden adjacent to the kitchen.



The fabric chosen for Monno Bed, which is placed in the other room that was planned to be used as a guest room, is preferred by taking other complementary elements of the room, such as wardrobe, curtains and nightstand, into consideration.



On the other hand Tuta Bed and Puplion Working Group, which take attraction with their wooden texture, are used in the kid’s room and so the warmth of wood is maintained within the room without any interruption.



Hexa Bed, one of the classics of Lazzoni, is used in the bedroom with its chic headboard. While suede and leather fabrics are being combined in the headboard, the harmony of brown and brown shades with wooden products used in the room is taken into consideration.


2+1 Model Apartment Of Kent Incek Houses

Gola Sofa, which offers a comfortable sit in front of television, is preferred together with moon corner in this 2+1 model apartment designed with an American kitchen by the project’s architects.



The space is also used creatively with Leona TV Unit, which allows to achieve maximum efficiency for small areas as it can be used both as a TV unit and a console, and with Pia Ottomans.



The small room located next to the living room is converted to a resting and book reading room with a work group and Relax Armchair.



Furthermore, Double Bed that combines both fabric and wood with its staged headboard is used in the bedroom. The fabric of headboard is selected by taking the texture and fabrics of other complementary elements of the bedroom into consideration.



Project Designed by Lazzoni Panora Store

Products Used in the Project

Otto Sofa – Castello Sofa – Amada Coffee table – Fly Dining Table – Tolina Chair – Sevilla Mirror – Monno Bed – Ocean Console – Tuta Bed – Puplion Desk – Armada Chair – Hexa Bed – Wardrobe – Sofia Make-up Dresser – Mix Sofa – Tondo Dining Table – Penta Coffee Table – Slim Chair – Gola Sofa – Crion Mirror – Leona TV Unit – Pia Ottoman – Relax Armchair – Vivana Desk – Body Chair– Double Bed