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Modern Furniture in New York

Modern Furniture in New York


As one of the world's most fashionable cities, New York City serves as the nation's design epicenter. From architecture like the Chrysler Building and One World Trade Center to interiors like the Oak Room at the Plaza Hotel and the spiral Guggenheim Museum, New York City is the global leader in innovative and unforgettable design. Along with architecture and apparel, this also applies to furniture and home decor. Modern furniture in New York is defined by a number of furniture styles and just a few of these are...


Urban modern furniture

The edgy look is unmistakably of the twenty-first century. Large, low-profile beds and other bulky pieces are featured, together with light-colored upholstery, glass tables, and soft, curving lines. Huge, open-concept spaces and large windows and doors that let the outside in go well with this design motif.

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Mid-century modern furniture

One of the most popular styles of modern furniture in New York and elsewhere is mid-century modern. This design style, which originated after WWII and continued into the early 1970s, is notable for its free-form shapes, sleek lines and light colored woods. Well-known examples of mid-century modern design include the Eames lounge chair and the kidney-shaped Noguchi coffee table.

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A close cousin of the urban modern, industrial design often comes to mind when people think of modern furniture in New York. After all, New York is renowned for its manufacturing plants, docks, and warehouses. Iron and wooden components, recycled materials like creating tables out of old carts and crates, and copper-tone accents are all part of contemporary industrial design.

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Farmhouse design takes the opposite approach from industrial and pays homage to America's agricultural roots. Farmhouse furniture is notable for its large wooden tables, neutral upholstery colors and bright accents. This design style can be enhanced with a few French country accents like bunches of lavender, bright Provencal prints and a few ceramic or straw roosters.


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