5 Design Trends for 2023 | Modern Furniture NY, NYC

5 Design Trends for 2023 | Modern Furniture NY, NYC

We tend to consider redesigning our homes and making furniture purchases at the beginning of the new year. As we farewelled 2022, we listed some of the rising furniture design trends that will spruce up New Yorkers’ homes in 2023. Here are the alarming trends for modern furniture in NYC.

Comfort and Wellbeing

The pandemic brought some radical movements to our lives and changed our habits in an undreamt way. Most of the major companies still continue working from home and have no intention of going back to the offices. Given that we spend a big part of our time at home, it is essential to develop comfortable, functional living environments. As we spend more time at home, comfort has become a top consideration when choosing the ideal seating for any main room or space.

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Vintage Breeze

Even though we feel its presence every season, vintage designs are trendier than ever. Call it mid-century modern furniture or retro furniture, collecting vintage pieces for house interiors is a thing now. In the world of design, history repeats itself and with that cycle, old becomes trendy. One of the reasons vintage furniture became so popular is that people’s approach to second-hand goods has changed after the economic uncertainty during the pandemic. More and more people are buying resale furniture now, causing a boom in vintage furniture.

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Another reason for this boom is sustainability. People are becoming more conscious and concerned about the environment and turning their steps towards sustainability. Buying second-hand furniture supports a circular economy which means the products circulate around sharing, leasing, reusing, repairing, refurbishing, and recycling.

The popularity of vintage has not peaked yet and is anticipated to increase over the years.


With people becoming more aware of sustainability, fast furniture is losing its influence creating room for eco-friendly, durable, and sustainable products. Okay, but, what is sustainable furniture, what makes it sustainable? Sustainable furniture uses materials that come from renewable sources or recycled materials and have far longer life cycles, which means they won't go to waste in a few years. Your overall carbon impact is decreased when you buy recycled or used goods. Metropolitan cities have a higher eco-conscious population in terms of preferring sustainable furniture and modern furniture in New York will be no different.

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Curvy lines

Although clean lines have long been the hallmark of modern furniture design, in 2023 we expect to see more curves in New York households. It’s been trendy for a while now, and in the coming year, interior design will continue to be heavily influenced by rounded corners, soft edges, and arched forms.

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Bright accent colors

When it comes to giving any place personality, accent colors will continue to be the finest option in 2023. Accent colors contrast with or complement the primary color, to evoke a feeling. A space can be made livelier and brighter with the simplest splash of an accent color. Along with the popping color, the transparent trend will also be on display in 2023. ​​Previously prominent in the 1970s and 1990s, transparency has returned to the furnishings scene. Plastic or glass, transparent or translucent furniture designs blend a modern aesthetic with a classic style, giving spaces a timeless aspect.

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