Lazzoni is selected as "The ONE" in Marketing

Lazzoni is selected as "The ONE" in Marketing


Lazzoni Furniture was selected as the Most Reputable Brand of the Year, winning the One Awards under the furniture category! In the independent research organized by Marketing Turkey and AKADEMETRE Research & Strategic Planning and determined by the public jury, the results were determined by measuring the achievements in two main stages, namely "General Success" and "Year Performance" and eleven sub-criteria. 

The ONE Integrated Marketing Awards, which was organized in cooperation with Marketing Turkey and AKADEMETRE became one of the most important standards of the marketing industry over time. Befitting its eighth year, The ONE Awards further expanded its scope and rewarded the brands that have increased their reputation the most in nearly 70 categories during the year, including advertising, media planning, digital and public relations agencies, which are the biggest stakeholders of this success.

The research consists of two parts: "General Achievement" and "Performance in 2021". In both sections, nine main criteria and 16 sub-criteria determining these criteria are questioned to determine the reputation and brand value of brands. 

  •  Brand Awareness: Reveals the mind share of brands.
  •  Close Acquaintance: Refers to the brand with the highest level of knowledge and interest.
  •  Trust Score: Represents the most trusted brand.
  •  Difference Score: It refers to the brand that differs the most from its competitors.
  •  Recommendation Score: It shows the status of being an ambassador of the brand.
  •  Supporting Commercial Activities: Refers to the brand whose commercial activities are found most appropriate.
  •  Appreciating Social Responsibility Activities: Social responsibility activities refer to the most admired and supported brand.
  •  Admiration for Communication and Advertising Studies: Communication studies refer to the brand that appeals to the consumer the most.
  •  Overall Success: Indicates the most successful brand when considered in all aspects.

Lazzoni Furniture, by demonstrating its success in all these stages, was entitled to receive the Most Prestigious award of the year by independent voting. We would like to thank all members of Lazzoni family who contributed to our growth and made this possible.