Virtual Interior Design: The Era of the Metaverse

Virtual Interior Design: The Era of the Metaverse


"We're right at the beginning of the frontier," says 3D artist Alexis Christodoulou in an interview by Dezeen. 
Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are here to replace the mediators in the art and design industry where creators and consumers/art lovers can directly interact with each other. There's already been millions of artwork that have been traded with NFTs in this new digital era. Industry giants like Nike, Lamborghini, Coca Cola, and many others are already in collaboration with artists to have their space in the Metaverse.  


While the NFTs were in trend for a while it took some time for them to change the course of events in the design industry. 2021 was the year of the NFT and there was a huge blast in NFT supply and demand. One of the biggest aspects of this explosion was the immense changes that happened within the art market and the industry when prestigious auction houses like Christie’s and Sotheby’s not only took their auctions into the online world but also began selling NFT art. This led to record-breaking sales of NFTs that validated the NFT marketplace significantly.


The start of this virtual era was not always welcomed within the traditional design industry. Many industry professionals are still doubtful of this brand-new growth worrying it will take away from the main principles of design. Cryptodesigner Andrés Reisinger takes on a great perspective while describing virtual design; “We just need to understand that it’s not an ultimate decision between digital and physical: the two worlds can coexist and enhance each other”. Pushing beyond the limits, artists can now go further with experimentation and create products and spaces that can be experienced in both worlds. 
In the year 2022, Lazzoni aims to be the pioneer of Metaverse design in the furniture and interior design industry, creating high-end spaces and articles for the Metaverse. Having the capability, Lazzoni is planning to also adapt these spaces and furniture to the physical world.  As the main sponsor of the NFT Summit Istanbul that will take place in Istanbul, Turkey between May 28-29, Lazzoni will showcase its upcoming collections from the NFT world in the summit. 
50 NFT artists from all over the world will come together in NFT Summit Istanbul under a special curation in collaboration with Today's  Art and Decon and showcase their art to the participants. All participants will be able to see the works they have designed uniquely for this event, meet the artists, and buy the works they enjoyed. Participants and visitors will also have the opportunity to expand their networks by coming together in exhibitions, workshops, network development meetings, and social activities organized within the scope of NFT Summit Istanbul.
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