Greenwich  Private Residence, Conneticut

Greenwich Private Residence, Conneticut

The Greenwich region of Connecticut is in the Top 3 of the city's "15 most ideal towns to live in". Greenwich, which is known for being a clean, quiet, and peaceful neighborhood, also draws attention with its proximity to New York. The Atlantic Ocean adorns the unique silhouette of this special town, which is located parallel to its shores.
The entire design process of the two-story flat in Greenwich has been meticulously designed by Lazzoni project managers to get the most of the living space in terms of efficiency. The style and colors are taken into consideration in the selection of decorative units like curtains, walls, and carpets have shaped the design and texture of the furniture in curating the living space. This way, the apartment whole atmosphere is in complete integrity. The high ceiling structure and floor-to-ceiling windows enable the use of larger pieces in the living area. This allows for a layout where Gola Sofa is located as a corner sofa in the living room while a corner has been created with armchairs on the upper floor corridor, and Hexa Bed with its wide headboards is located in the bedroom.