Lazzoni Factory, Ankara

Lazzoni Factory, Ankara


Lazzoni Factory project, covering an area of 48,000 square meters, is realized by designation project of Lazzoni from the secretariat to office rooms.

The comfort of guests is put at forefront with the waiting couch, which was designed exclusively for spacious and wide secretariat area. While ergonomics is put at forefront for employees at desks and chairs used in office areas, storage area is created by offering extra drawers for everyone using the desks thanks to caissons placed under the desks. On the other hand a chic glass table, which was designed exclusively with wheeled chairs that can be moved to anywhere, is preferred for the meeting room.   

Store Designed the Project:

Lazzoni Project Department

Products Used in the Project:

Products used in this project were exclusively manufactured by Lazzoni.