Soho Loft, New York

Soho Loft, New York


The residence located in Soho region of New York/Manhattan, which hosts the most important business centers of the world, luxurious residences and top brands and shopping centers, is designed by using Lazzoni products.

The project of this 155m2 apartment is prepared by taking prioritized requests of the customer into consideration. The customer’s request to have an extending sofa to relieve his tiredness throughout the day is met by placing an ottoman in front of Mony Sofa. His request to show the house more spacious and lightened is met by preferring off-white colored fabric for the sofa. While using Istanbul Bed, which takes the attention with its wide storage bed and chic headboard, in the bedroom, the painting that was preferred for the bedroom and fabric of the bed are chosen in pastel colors to achieve an overall harmony throughout the house.

Store Designed the Project:

Lazzoni Chelsea

Products Used in the Project:

Mony Sofa, Duo Ottoman, Istanbul Bed, Ocean Nightstand, Pure Side Table