Wander Palomar Mountain, California

Wander Palomar Mountain, California

Take in the incredible view and luxurious amenities of Palomar Mountain, another Wander x Lazzoni collaboration that is perched 5,000 feet above sea level.

Located in San Diego’s sensational habitat, this modern home serves as an oasis in the mountains. Designed with a near-zero carbon footprint, the house is built of steel and glass spanning 21 acres with floor-to-ceiling windows that offer breathtaking vistas from the forest and mountains.

Wander selected exclusive articles from Lazzoni to create carefully curated spaces. Mony Modular Sofa takes the spotlight in the living area with its open corner and signature "moon chaise" module, creating a perfect fit for the layout. The iconic corner sofa is accompanied by the Rocco coffee table and Ariel Tv Bench for a modern seamless look.

The stunning marble kitchen island is adorned with Elva bar stools, creating a sleek look that is fitting for the open-plan kitchen.

Hexa storage bed makes a stunning appearance in the bedroom with cool gray tones and its emblematic geometrical headboard.