RIT Metaproject 13

lazzoni + rit

Metaproject 13 participants will have their designs showcased as part of the 2023 New York City Design Week.

The designs were first displayed at Madison showroom in celebration of the success of the project.

A High-End Collaboration

RIT students created innovative seating solutions in partnership with Lazzoni, merging Vignelli principles with their unique design approaches. Metaproject 13 started in Fall 2022 and concluded in 2023 with 13 designs by students. As a first in project's history, all design are set to be prototyped by Lazzoni.

Lella & Massimo Vignelli

Vignelli Center for Design Studies | RIT

Collaborating with the best of the industry, Lazzoni partnered up with Josh Owen, professor of industrial design at The Rochester Institute of Technology for Metaproject 13 to be a part of the annual project that represents the values of the Vignelli legacy.

Josh Owen

Selected by Lazzoni

Shell Chair was selected as the winner of the class by Lazzoni. Dylan Malone describes the process as such; “Furniture is my favorite part of design. It’s the intersection between something super functional but also you need to take into account the aesthetics. To me, it’s the perfect balance of where design meets art.”

Dylan Malone

Shell Chair

Rebecca Harris


Ruth Shin

Havadan Sudan

Brynna Justice


"Hagia Sophia" by Danny Harig

The modular Hagia Sophia Seating System brings endless combinations of seating solutions into a living space. Inspired by Turkish architecture and tempered by the Vignellis’ restrained approach, it is a home of relaxation and conversation.

"Temel" by Rebecca Arens

Emerging from the ground, this sofa brings the user down to their roots. The sofa comfortably sits two lovers together. The curvilinear form is soft and welcomes you to sink in and relax.

"Moon Chair" by Will Davis

The “Moon Chair” is a chair and ottoman combination that takes inspiration from the crescent moon pictured on the Turkish flag to create an affordance for the placement of a circular ottoman. The circle shape of the ottoman nests into the crescent shape of the chair allowing the pieces to work harmoniously.

"The Honeycomb" by Max von Bartheld

The Honeycomb Collection is a basic geometric shape elevated to incorporate design and comfort. Inspired by nature and the vast honey culture of the Turkish people and the Laz tribe.

"Enjoy Chair" by Linying Xu

The Enjoy Chair intends to create a space for relaxation and a place for small items which often get lost. TV remote, phones, and other items fit neatly into the storage slots in the chair arm. Combining functions leads to users’ enjoyable seating experience without concerns and disturbances.

"The Stage Lounge" by Emma Yee

The Stage Lounge is a place that supports togetherness or separation, collaboration or solitude, work, rest, or even play. The movable, weighted cushions all for an easy shift from one scene to another.

"Hafıza" by Matt Hotaling

The Hafıza is a minimal but elegant barstool for the home. Inspired by the Laz typography, hafıza means memory in Turkish, a perfect name for remembering and creating new memories.

"Hareket" by Clare Maxwell

The Hareket seating system utilizes inventive typology through simple geometry and encourages rearrangement to promote various social interactions. The simplicity of the form of the leaves its use to interpretation instead of dictating how it should be sat on.

"Şebeke" by Joey Ruan

The Şebeke is a gridded system of tufted modules that can be easily reconfigured from an armless chair to a sofa. With a back that can fold down in two orientations, one can create varying seat depths/widths, armrests, and surfaces, with its modularity offering endless possibilities.