Best Ways to Style A Corner Sofa

Best Ways to Style A Corner Sofa

There is something about corner sofas that makes them a popular choice for home decorating. Combine the comfort of a sofa with the convenience of having a built-in corner in a single piece of furniture, and it's easy to see why many homeowners love corner sofas.

But are you really using your corner sofa to its full potential? We arranged some of the best ways to style a corner sofa with the input of our professional project managers.

Maximize Your Seating 

Corner sofas allow you to fit more seating in an area of limited space. The increased seating options means you'll have more people able to fit on the sofa during a party, more bodies that can huddle around your TV, and more individuals who can fit nicely on your corner sofa at once. Instead of choosing one large, singular piece of furniture for your living room or bedroom, consider adding a corner sofa that will both make your home appear larger and is also highly customizable.


Create a Section In Large Spaces

Modern, modular and complementing a corner sofa set is a great way to add seating to a large living space that would otherwise seem empty. Take into consideration the space you need to place them in first, and use the sofa to create a defined space that separates the functions on large areas. The flexibility of corner sofas makes them highly adaptable for any home, especially those with unique floor plans that prohibit a square or round layout.

Build A Style Around Your Sofa

Your sofa is the centerpiece of your home. It's where friends and family relax with you during parties and holidays. The generous-sized sofa style is set up in “L” or “U” shapes to accommodate your guests, who can then reserve an area for themselves on one of the soft cushions. You can reference your corner sofa while arranging your living space. The size of your bookcase or the shape of your coffee table can be styled according to the dimensions and design of your corner sofa. 

Here are some tips for styling a corner sofa:

Use accent pillows to break up the space and add color. Accent pillows will help fill in empty space and give your eye something to focus on. You can use several different colors or patterns for this, but make sure they coordinate with each other and don't look like an afterthought.

Try placing a rug under your chair or couch. This will help tie together all the different elements in the room and create a cohesive look. Choose rugs that work with your furniture or decorating theme, such as Moroccan or Turkish rugs if you're going for an exotic look or traditional Persian rugs if you want something more formal.

Use mirrors to reflect light into dark corners of your room, which can make them seem bigger than they really are — especially if there's no natural light coming in through windows or skylights. Mirrors also reflect light back onto other surfaces, giving them additional illumination and making them appear brighter.