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Enjoy Dinners Better With Functional Lazzoni Designs

Enjoy Dinners Better With Functional Lazzoni Designs

Enjoy Dinners Better With Functional Lazzoni Designs


Having a quiet dinner at home can be one of the most relaxing things to do in New York City. After enjoying all that Manhattan has to offer, sometimes leisurely tarrying over your meal in your own apartment can be the only decadent experience that will suffice.



The shift to staying at home can be seen more and more these days in New York City. With some of the most advanced apps available to order food for take-out in NYC, there are also great meal delivery boxes that can be ordered online, so you can have the unique pleasure of preparing your own dinner with curated ingredients and simple instructions at home. And then of course, there is the delight that some take in honing their culinary skills with complicated recipes that take time and patience to master as the city bustles outside your window.



As dining at home becomes the focus for many in New York City, the question arises of if you can host others at your home for dinner. While it is lovely to make supper for yourself, it is always so much better with friends around to partake in a meal with you — which transforms the experience into a feast. 

 It was with this emerging trend — both to eat at home and host others there — that the Lazzoni designers focused on when they started to sketch dining room tables. Incorporating brilliant Italian design into our transformative furniture means that Lazzoni dining room tables are designed to make modern living elegant and fluid.

Unlike traditional expanding dining room tables, where additional pieces need to be stored somewhere and then dragged out and attached to the table, Lazzoni’s tables offer seamless transitioning to seat more people. The tables are designed with ease in mind; a piece of the table smoothly slides out, revealing a concealed leaf underneath that can be elegantly lifted up and secured into place. Simple, easy, fast. Perfect!

Lazzoni’s MAS791 is one example of the decadence that can be enjoyed in your home with the right piece of furniture. Available in two lengths, the fixed MAS791 80.7″ and extendable version can go from 70.9” to 110” with an effortless gliding motion. The top of the table slides open to revel additional panels that flip into place in moments, changing your dining room table from seating à deux to a boisterous gathering of friends, in an instant.



Crafted out of wood, the MAS791 is an exquisite addition to any home in New York City. With graceful lines and anchored with lacquered legs, the MAS791 is the perfect way to be able to dine at home and always feel ready to have guests over to enjoy a meal together.

Lazzoni’s designs are highly sought-after because of the care and attention that our in-house designers and builders give to each piece of furniture, and the MAS791 is no exception. Crafted in our own factory that is held to impeccable standards, the MAS791 is the dining room table that will transform your house into a home.

With it’s sleek ability to transform to seat more people at a moment’s notice, the MAS791 also lets you focus on what’s important; having another wonderful evening with your guests as you dine on a fabulous meal.

If you’re interested in seeing how your apartment would look with a Lazzoni upgrade, stop by one of our shops today. Our interior design associates would be thrilled to show you just how beautiful your home could be. We’re looking forward.