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The Guide To Buying A Sofa Bed

The Guide To Buying A Sofa Bed

The Guide To Buying A Sofa Bed


Lazzoni is known for producing high-quality, effortlessly elegant furniture with endless customization options available at a lower price point than the standard luxury furniture industry. Many of our sofas transform from inviting and modern seating to multifunctional and relaxing sleeper lounges in seconds, but without the bulky mattresses and bedding of typical sofa beds. Whether you’re purchasing a sofa bed for visiting guests or for yourself every day, it’s important to know exactly what to look for and what to avoid. We’ve created a guide for you to become a pro at shopping for and buying sofa beds.


How Often Will It Be Used ?

This is one of the biggest factors when it comes to purchasing the best sofa bed for you. It’s rare to find one that is equally comfortable as a sofa and a bed due to the difference of material in the seat cushions and the mattress. We recommend sleeper sofas that are more firm all-around because it relieves any pressure points on the body caused by sagging in softer materials. For those with larger families, numerous roommates, or guests visiting often, it’s a great idea to shop for sectional sofa beds that can seat even more people. Our Vetro Sofa offers a storage-capable chaise option as well as the pull-out sleeper addition. For those who prefer the look of a modern sofa and don’t need a traditional sleeper sofa, our Mony Sofa is a great option. With its expandable armrests and backrests, the sofa offers 42” of relaxation space in only a matter of seconds.



The Construction

Just like when shopping for other pieces of furniture, the construction of the piece is important when thinking of the durability, life, and frequency of use. Our Italian sofa bed frames are made of stainless steel, which has a higher nickel content making it less likely to rust, and is stronger than other materials. While the steel helps hold the shape of the sofa bed, we use solid wood for the legs because it’s great for carrying heavy amounts of weight. Also, make sure the metal construction inside is painted for extra anti-rust protection and humidity resistance. As for the open-close mechanism, look for ones that are both strong, easy to maneuver, and smooth so they won’t snag any sheets or fabric. We use German and Austrian mechanisms through BLUM in our sofa beds, ensuring the best quality and warranty. We offer a lifetime warranty on our sofa bed constructions.


Choosing Fabrics

The fabric you choose will not only affect comfort and how the sofa bed looks, but it also affects the longevity and ease of cleaning. In this case, a tightly woven fabric is the best option in our opinion. If you’re going with a different fabric, we recommend using a thin memory foam pad on top for even more comfort. Another important factor is considering how often the sleeper sofa will be utilized. For example, a more textured and multi-colored fabric will conceal stains better than a tightly-woven and single-colored light fabric. If you choose to visit one of our showrooms, one of our in-house designers will assist in color scheming and fabric selections based on your existing design scheme.


Other “Mattresses” Vs. Ours

When people think of sofa beds or pull-out sofas, it’s common to picture a sofa with a mattress inside. While this is practical, it often leads to discomfort overtime due to the lack of support in many of the mattresses. We use high-resilient foam to support your back and keep from sagging after years of use like the flexible, foldable mattresses that the majority of sofa beds come with. Also in most sofa bed mattresses, they are constructed of harsh spring coils that cause discomfort, back pain, and can result in restless sleep. To avoid these issues, we designed our seats with the springs wound into the high-resilient foam to ensure full support without any unbalance or irritation.

Take Measurements

After measuring the space to see how much you have for a sofa as it is, make sure the rest of the space can also fit the sofa when the bed portion is extended. (This seems like a given, but it’s often missed!) Depending on how much space you have, you can decide which size sofa bed will work best for you. A loveseat will generally be equal to a full-size mattress, where a three-seater is more like a queen, and a 4-seater sleep like a king. We have various sizes of sofa beds from the compact Kema to the expansive Vetro, which also doubles as a sectional sofa with it’s additional chaise option. Our modular sofas allow for finding the best fit for your space. If you have your floor plan or room measurements available, one of our in-house designers can use a rendering program to show how the furniture will look or find the right modules to best fit your space. Our free interior design service is available in our various showrooms and online.


Test It Out

If you have the ability to shop in-person, it’s very important to test the ease and comfort of the sofa bed. Is it comfortable to lounge or sleep-on on a regular basis? Does it require the help of an additional person to open and close? These will factor into making the smartest decision for you. Our sofa beds are designed to take up minimal space when expanded than the sofa itself. With this in mind, you’ll be able to offer spacious accommodations even in the smallest of spaces. We are always happy to welcome new and old clients to any of our showrooms to show you the furniture, how the selected pieces feel, and offer any further suggestions based on your preferences, lifestyle, space measurements, and budget. Whether you have an exact idea in mind of what you’re looking for or you’re starting completely from scratch, our designers are available to guide you from start to finish and accommodate your needs.