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Fancy Movie Night With Lazzoni Furniture

Fancy Movie Night With Lazzoni Furniture

Fancy Movie Night With Lazzoni Furniture


Once you’ve moved into Manhattan and have gotten used to the speed of the city, one of the most enjoyable ways to spend an evening is at home with some friends. Yes, the restaurants in New York City are incredible and the bars are a lot of fun to visit. But after you’ve done both a couple of times, having your friends over to your place ends up being more relaxing and makes for a wonderful evening.

It can be challenging in small, New York City apartments to find the space to accommodate everyone that you’d like to invite for a movie night at your home, but there are a few pieces of furniture that can transform an evening into a luxury event. From dining tables that extend to sofas that become decadent lounges, at Lazzoni, we know how to make sure everyone is comfortable!

Every associate who is ready to help you at Lazzoni stores has a background in interior design, so when it comes time to determine which piece would best fit your space, we’ve got you covered. A great anchor piece to build your furniture around is an extendable dining room table.

Sleek and elegant, this timeless piece transforms to give you more space so you can host additional guests for dinner and a movie at your place with ease.



Lazzoni works with Italian designers to ensure that each piece is built to be brilliant, and the MAS791 is just that. A modern dining room table, it accommodates eight people when closed and can expand to easily seat up to twelve guests. Most extendable dining room tables that are available are clunky and uncomfortable. To make them larger usually requires you to store an extra piece of the table somewhere. But the MAS791 is different. With all the pieces self- contained in the table, the piece moves to expand quickly, easily and without needing to dig out part of the table that had been stashed away somewhere. It’s a wonderful table that lets you shine as the perfect host.

After dinner, moving to the couch is a decadent way to let the meal settle as you prepare to watch an immersive movie. But couches in many New York City apartments tend to be on the smaller side, leaving guests cramped together and without the ability to truly relax. Investing in Lazzoni’s smart Italian design will allow you and your guests to unwind as you watch a movie in utter comfort.



Lazzoni’s Mony sofa is so much more than a couch. A fully transformative piece of furniture, the Mony can convert into a daybed or a lounge in less time than it took you to read this sentence, meaning that you’ll have more time to enjoy with friends. The transition from sofa to lounge is so seamless that your friends will want to give you a hand because the process is fun and easy — but you’ll be finished before they can! Seating up to four people and with the possibility of a chaise lounge being added to the configuration, the Mony sofa ensures that you’ll always have plenty of room for your guests to enjoy.

We understand that it can seem overwhelming to choose new furniture when you’re moving to New York City. But working with a Lazzoni interior design associates makes the process a fantastic experience. When considering what kind of furniture would both look stunning and allow you to maximize your space, keep in mind that Lazzoni’s furniture is known for making homes gracious and inviting; a wonderful space for a movie night!