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Modern Furniture in New Jersey | Design Trends 2022

Our spaces at home have been welcoming new functions as remote work is becoming more common. We are beginning to focus more on the design and functionality of our home's interiors as we are spending more time every day. Open concepts, high ceilings, and lots of daylight are where most interiors are headed as we try to keep our interiors as fresh as possible. Let's take a look at our 3 designer curated modern furniture that will inspire the Jersey locals. 


Edgewater New Jersey
This apartment in Edgewater, NJ brings a fresh look with the latest modern furniture articles. High-legged seating is preferred in the living room because of its light feeling and easy maintenance that prevents a bulky look while making cleaning easier with enough space for robot vacuums.
Monolithic furniture pieces are made lighter with the use of light fabric and floor-to-ceiling windows that welcomes all the daylight while offering views from the river. The off-white tones along with the open concept of living and dining spaces allow the space to be used in the most efficient way. 
Edgewater New Jersey

The Pearl

Yet another "Pearl" in Edgewater, this open-plan apartment in the Pearl Residences embraces an airy and light atmosphere throughout the space.

The kitchen, living, dining, and even sleeping areas are in an open layout that allows daylight to flow in the apartment. Slim metal legs and reflective surfaces heighten the sense of luxury and elegance in all spaces, showcasing modern furniture in a chic perspective. 


Next is a bold take from Hoboken, NJ, a loft with clean-cut, black-and-white interiors. With views of the waterfront, the apartment has overall cool-toned interiors, offering an elegant yet fresh atmosphere. The grays in the upholstery are accompanied by lighter tones in the accents that elevate the space with the help of stylish metal legs.
The calm and clean look is made dynamic with lighting and decor in reflective materials and warm tones. A great inspiration for those who want to keep it simple and elegant with a spacious feel. 
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