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Parents Visiting Your NYC Apartment, Don’t Worry Lazzoni Designs Will Help You

Parents Visiting Your NYC Apartment, Don’t Worry Lazzoni Designs Will Help You

Parents Visiting Your NYC Apartment, Don’t Worry Lazzoni Designs Will Help You


Shortly after moving to New York City, it can feel like you’ve always lived here. People will ask you for directions, you’ll know which subway to take and before you know it, your parents will want to come stay with you for a visit.

But with most apartments in New York City being on the smaller side, it can feel overwhelming to try to figure out how you could possibly accommodate additional people — even your parents. Choosing the right furniture can make all the difference and even let you transform your space with the flick of the wrist.



Part of having parents visit New York City is knowing that they are going to want to stay over with you — to really see how you live. Life in a one bedroom apartment can make sleeping quarters tight and most sofa beds are enormous, meaning that they’re quickly ruled out for logistical, if not aesthetic, reasons.

That is unless, of course, you’ve chosen to furnish your apartment with a Lazzoni sofa. Renowned for being effortlessly elegant and with endless customization options available, many of Lazzoni’s sofas transform from inviting seating spaces to sleeper lounges in just a moment, but without the bulky bedding of typical sofabeds.



The Mony sofa transforms into a sleeping lounge with a few deft movements.

From the Mony to the Vetro, Lazzoni’s sofas were crafted with modern Italian design that are finished with fine Turkish fabrics. Parents and friends will feel instantly at ease spending the night in such a luxurious cocoon in New York City. Incredibly, these sofas are designed to not take up a larger footprint than the sofa itself, so while you’ll be able to offer spacious accommodations, you won’t have to have a supersized living room.



The Vetro sofa can easily accommodate two people, easily expanding for more room.

Dining in New York City is an experience unto itself, and there will be wonderful restaurants that are perfect to bring parents from out of town to experience. But sometimes the only thing that will do is having a night in. To accommodate that, Lazzoni’s extendible dining tables are the perfect addition to a New York City apartment.



Lazzoni’s MAS791 expands to seat additional people, without additional pieces.

Crafted out of engineered wood and scratch-proof, the graceful lines of Lazzoni’s MAS791 Extendible table accommodates eight people, but can expand to seat four additional guests. Having this piece as an anchor in your diningroom makes having guests over a pleasure, instead of a pain.

Having guests over means that extra linens and towels to be able to offer them. Not having enough storage space was the driving motivation behind crafting Lazzoni’s Istanbul bed, so that you have plenty of room to accommodate your guests.



Lazzoni’s Istanbul bed combines comfort with elegance, while providing plenty of storage.

An upholstered bed that has a beautiful floating design, the Istanbul has a sleek, modern look with the entire footprint of the mattress available for storage. Using bed slats instead of bed springs provides plenty of room under the mattress, that gently lifts up on four German engineered pistons. The bed rises to safely stay elevated and returns down with a smooth, controlled motion.

With the storage area under the bed surrounded by panels that reach to the floor and the connect to form a smooth surface underneath, anything placed there will stay clean and dust-free. Since the space under the bed is so expansive, everything from skis to snowboards, your off-season wardrobe to thousands of books would easily fit under the Istanbul bed…even Carrie Bradshaw’s shoe collection!

Our entire team at Lazzoni wants to see you comfortable and at ease in your apartment in New York City. Stop by to talk with one of our interior design associates, who have software that can map out your new apartment perfectly. After a visit with us, you’ll be ready for your parents to come knocking on your apartment door. See you soon!