Manhattan Modular Day & Night Systems

Manhattan Modular Day & Night Systems


      A Brand New Design from Lazzoni That Can Adapt to Every Part of Your Living Space!

      Drafted of book and accessory shelves, storage and work areas, and TV units, Manhattan is a solution to multiple needs with a detailed design. All modules can be designed according to the dimensions of your living space, consisting of 8 different modules and multiple size options. Manhattan allows you to set the standards in your living space with various customization options.

      With two height options that can be adjusted according to your dimensions and ceiling height, you can customize your unit with various shelf sizes and with or without light. You can add your personal touches to your living space by combining its functional features with modern style by easily positioning it in the bedroom, living room, or dining room.

      Manhattan, which also has open and closed storage areas, supports all the organization you need in daily life. For closed storage areas, you can choose glass or mirrors as well as all our wood and lacquer colors