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The simplest way to give your space a quick makeover. Rugs can change the style of your space easily or add a perfect finishing touch to your curations.

Carpet Caring Guide

General use
Your carpet should not be beaten and should be swept with the brushless ends of the vacuum cleaner. If there is an item placed on your carpet such as a coffee table, armchair, etc., its location should be changed from time to time to prevent traces, and the contacted areas should be swept with the brushless ends of the vacuum cleaner.

Stain Removal
If something spills on your carpet, action must be taken very quickly.  In such cases, first of all, the excess liquid should be absorbed by a paper towel before the liquid is dispersed. Cleaning agents containing bleaching chemicals should never be used.  The area where the liquid is spilled should be wiped with cold water and natural soap after the buffer application.  Wiping should be done with the help of a soft, white cloth in the direction of the pile, so as not to disperse the stain. Circular or reverse-pile scrubbing should be avoided.  The cleaned area should not be stepped on until it is completely dry.

Deep Cleaning
For deep cleaning of your carpet, support should be sought from professional carpet cleaning centers. It should be emphasized that heavy chemical cleaners containing Sodium Hydroxide (Caustic) should not be used during washing in the washing center.  After cleaning, it should be dried in a short time. Your carpet should not be used when wet and should be protected from direct sunlight.


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Lazzoni Quality

Backed by more than 100 years of experience and know-how we combine Austrian mechanisms & hardware, Italian leathers, Turkish fabrics and Laz craftsmanship.

*We work hard to ensure that our one-of-a-kind products are of the highest quality. Our wide and varied collection of organically dyed fabrics may have slight color differences from batch to batch. For you to get the best Lazzoni experience, we advise requesting a fabric sample from your nearest store.