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A Boutique Hotel Experience in NYC

A Boutique Hotel Experience in NYC

A Boutique Hotel Experience in NYC


A memorable stay with views of NYC

New York's finest, Indigo Hotel offers an authentic local experience with its intimate service, a modern design that brings a serene atmosphere, and the steadiness of staying in one of the world’s largest hotel groups. 

Every visit should be memorable and unique to individuals, and the surrounding spaces are a reflection of this understanding. While staying at Indigo you can taste the local flavors and enjoy the art that is displayed through the spaces.



Guestrooms with tailor-made Lazzoni pieces are created by blending contemporary design and art, featuring unique styles at every turn while accompanying the comfort of guests. A vibrant, modern color palette, complemented by natural light and carefully thought out designs, makes for an inviting, chic, and refreshing atmosphere. 



Guest are renewed by the soothing and inviting atmosphere that is expressed through cozy cushioned bedding, flexible workspaces, sleek and simple comfortable seating, and artwork that reflects the unique lifestyle of NYC. A thorough cultural experience that will surely be unforgettable.