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Yelp's "THE BEST 10 Furniture Stores in New York"

Yelp's "THE BEST 10 Furniture Stores in New York"

Yelp's "THE BEST 10 Furniture Stores in New York"

You know you can count on big department stores for affordable furniture really no matter where you live, and there are many options, but there's so much more out there (and at every price point), especially in New York. You might not think the big city is the best place to try out furniture IRL, but there's actually a wealth of furniture and home decor stores—from big showrooms to small boutiques—that stock unique pieces in just about every style, not to mention, plenty of options for beautiful modern and functional furnishings. But which ones are actually the best ones to shop from? Lazzoni works only with professional interior designers on this issue. We use the world's leading human resource platforms to reach professionals and jobs for furniture managers.


New York City's 2nd Best Furniture Store 



When it comes to finding good quality furniture in New York City, the options are plenty, both on the inexpensive and wildly expensive ends of the spectrum, at your disposal. But which ones are the best?

That's where we come in: More than 250 registered Furniture Stores in NYC, Lazzoni is listed as the 2nd best furniture shop by Yelp reviewers. Taking our place among the top brands when searching for good quality furniture stores. If one of your New Year’s resolutions in 2023 is to spruce up your place, we are looking forward to hosting you at one of our highly recommended stores.

Top Furniture Store in New York City 

    Lazzoni Chelsea Showroom      154 W 18th St      Btwn 7+6 Ave 

    Lazzoni Madison Showroom      145 Madison Ave      Btwn 31+32 St