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Decorating With Winter Whites After Winter

Decorating With Winter Whites After Winter

Decorating With Winter Whites After Winter


Spring is officially here! This means warm weather, the beginning of rooftop season, and fewer layers. It also means spring cleaning, which can often be taken as a negative or as a chore. We like to think of spring cleaning as a fresh start and a way to brighten the new season, so it’s the perfect time to redecorate! One of the easiest ways to add light into your home is to decorate with white. A neutral, white can be used year-round to celebrate and match each season, which is great for any concern from budget to storage. Another great thing about the color white is that it has many “sister” shades that are only a hint different but look stunning when all used together. These include (but are not limited to) ivory, cream, and eggshell, which are often known as “winter whites.” Don’t let the name scare you! We’re here to show how playing with different shades of white, along with adding them to your current color scheme, is a beautiful way to ring in the new season in your home. 



For the past few years, going monochromatic with grey in homes, offices, and hotels has become widely popular. Not only is this scheme modern and sleek, it’s the perfect opportunity to add a pop of any color in–and in this case, white! Above, we gathered a few of our luxe grey materials to pair with our white leather and White ceramic. Had we left the whites out and the scheme only consisted of grey, it would still be a beautiful mix. But by adding white, it adds a touch of sophistication and light. The white leather could work on anything from a grand sofa to angular armchairs, where the white ceramic is the perfect finish on both coffee and dining tables. (Hello, spill proof!)



This project designed by our Chelsea showroom screams light. The church-turned-apartment complex in Brooklyn is a prime example of mixing traditional and modern details, and how white ties together the both aesthetics. Even by decorating with an all-white sofa, dining table and chairs, arm chairs, and sideboard, the various colors on the floors, brick wall, rug, and accessories keep the rooms open and contemporary. 



Our Twice Chair in our cream microfiber suede fabric takes a modern turn on the classic channeling detail. The soft material (both by appearance and touch) can easily blend into any style or colors of your current home. You can also quickly add a pop of color with a throw pillow or blanket on the corner. Use this cream loveseat in your entryway, bedroom, or living room for a chic addition.



Here, we’re playing with more cream and beige tones. Similar to the grey above, the scheme without adding white to it is simple and sophisticated. To neutralize it a bit more, we added our white gloss lacquer, white wood, and white ceramic. Each of these materials are great on coffee tables, TV units, side boards, and nightstands. Pro tip: rather than choosing just one finish throughout your living room or bedroom, use two or three to add dimension and texture.



If you’re more in the game of your largest furniture to be white, we’ve got you covered. Like shown on our Mix Sofa above, upholstering your sofa in a white, ivory, or cream fabric is a stunning idea. It’s chic, sleek, and clean without pulling too feminine or too masculine. One concern for white sofas is the worry of it getting dirty quickly. We have a few materials that are more stain-resistant and easier to clean, such as our microfibers, leatherettes, and leathers.



Another project designed by our Chelsea showroom is this uber-modern home in Hoboken. Beaming with light, the team wanted to highlight the bright, open, and modern aesthetic of the time, keeping colors and lines to a minimum. The two Ada Armchairs not only separate the contrasting colors of the dining and living rooms, but pull the entire space together with the low profile and crisp white leather. Even though the walls are white throughout the house, this project proves wrong any concern about potential clashing or washing-out. Adding white to your space brightens it up in an instant.



If shades of browns and tans are more your style, there’s a solution to keep your room from looking too dark. The majority of your room can be done in darker colors, so long as there’s one light piece to neutralize the room. In the scheme above, we’ve added an ivory velvet, perfect for armchairs, pillows or an ottoman, as well as a cream rug. These pieces will still allow for light to bounce throughout the room, and can be taken through each season easily. 

Now, how will you be decorating with white after winter?